Friday, 18 May 2018


Today was our second to last session for term 2 at Tamaki College Tech. Soon we will be changing topics. Our instructor today was Mr Grundy. Mr Grundy's class learnt all about how to create a pewter casting. Today everyone was finishing off their workbooks to get good marks on their reports. Jack, Marieta, and myself finished our projects off so we got to take it home to show our mothers. After finishing off my workbook I decided to make a presentation box for my mum. Before we got to take our pewter castings home Mr Grundy took a photo of our pewter castings. He did this to help him mark our reports and look at our project at the same time. This is my completed project and I am really proud of all the work I have done to impress my mum.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Today I created a completed google drawing about what is a metaphor. In my DLO I included the meaning of a metaphor, a season poem, examples of a metaphor, and 2 images of a metaphor. Read this google drawing to find out what a metaphor is and examples of a metaphor.

Rippa Rugby

This week for Kiwi sport was our first session of Rippa Rugby with Hamish. Today we just played a game of touch. This week was a testing week just to see how good we are at playing rippa rugby. This game was called netball rippa rugby. There were 3 teams. Each team took turns to play this touch game. There was a non bibs team and a bib team. This game was just like netball but with a rugby ball and a 2 hand touch. 

Kiwi Can


Today for Kiwi Can was our fourth session of term 2. Our teachers were Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Our topic for this term is Integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing even though know ones looking. In Kiwi can we played 2 energisers. Our theme for this term is making good choices. Making good choices means doing the right thing either then doing the bad thing. The first game we played was called opposites. In this game Ms Lily did some actions while we had to do the opposites to it. For example when Miss Lily puts her hand up we need to put our hand down. The next game we played was called protect the Jedi. In this game there were 2 teams. Each team protected their Jedi fro getting hit with the ball. Everyone threw balls to get people out from each team. Some teams managed to get the Jedi out. If someone catches a persons throw there out.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Word Cline - Sad

Today I created a word cline about the word sad. To complete this task I used powerful words to make my word cline look good. All of the words I used were synonyms of sad. I decided to pick sad for my word cline because they were one of the word clines I wrote down on my scarp paper. Word cline means having the same word in order but then your start to pick up more and more powerful words. For example I picked the word sad. The order of this will be sad, unhappy, upsetting, blue, and then heartbroken. Heart broken was the most powerful word on my word cline.

2 Day Wonder Poem

Today we wrote 2 Day wonder poems. A 2 day wonder poem is a poem having a bad day and a good day side by side. For example Nickaela and myself wrote a poem about Summer and Winter. In summer I hear excited voices everywhere, but in Winter I hear silent voices everywhere. To write this poem we used word clines and synonyms to find powerful words for our poem. We used juxtaposition to make our poem. Juxtaposition means two opposite things put together to make a effect. 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body System Game

 This term for inquiry we have been learning about body systems. I learnt the labels of the body systems. After that I played a game called Skeletal System that helped me know the labels of the body system off by heart. I managed to get the score of 26.

Click underneath to try this game out: